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book of contemporary drawings including work by Maureen Nathan

The Heart of Drawing, 2021

ISBN 978-1-954342-04-0

59 artists from 22 countries talk about drawing and the process of creation hoping to inspire readers to develop their own creative efforts. 

The book is about what happens during the creation of a drawing, NOT just about the final result. I was happy to talk about the importance of process in my practice and the possibilities this presents for unexpected outcomes.


Drawing on Dorset, 2019

ISBN 978-1526207906

I have a long standing connection with Dorset, a beautiful county on the south west coast of England. This book with drawings from 36 different Dorset artists, including one of mine, is an exploration of contemporary drawing practice made in response to the creative stimulus of Dorset itself.


Making An Impression: The Printmakers Council at 50, 2015

ISBN 978-1906192914

It is a thrill to be included in this compilation of 50 years of work from members of the Printmakers Council. Printmaking is a large part of my art practice, with its emphasis on drawing and design together with the excitement of unexpected outcomes.


Portraits for NHS Heroes, 2020

ISBN 10- 1448218004

This was an art project held in the United Kingdom during the Covid 19 pandemic initiated by the artist Tom Croft, who wanted to celebrate the people working in the health service and thank them.

It was a privilege to meet and paint Dr Anna Stilwell to say thank you for her work in the overwhelmingly difficult circumstances of this historic health c


Portrait Revolution, 2017

ISBN 978-1910258507

Julia Kay's Portrait Party, a world wide group of artists fascinated with faces,  was the platform that encouraged me to flex my drawing muscles in relation to portraiture and prepared me for training as a portrait painter at Heatherleys School of Art in London. I was delighted to be selected for inclusion in this educational and celebratory book about drawing.

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