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Printmaking with recycled materials


Using recycled milk and juice cartons, known as Tetrapak as well as recycled floor protector, known as Recyclo,  I make drypoints, stencils, relief prints and collage pieces. Some of the prints have been given added texture  using the chine colle method.

I use Akua water based intaglio inks with some taking 8-15 passes through the press. I aim to have a printmaking practice that is as sustainable as possible using recycled materials and non-toxic inks.

to find out a bit more about my approach there’s a short video here

Covid nights

Covid Nights

This current and ongoing body of work comprises very large drawings on archival Fabriano paper made with charcoal and soft pastel.

during the second lockdown in England, after being granted a short hiatus in the summer of 2020, I wasn’t sleeping well. I did a lot of night drawing that included the darkness, contradicted by the sense of hope that my memory of more joyful times insists on.

available from Broth Art

Covid Covers

Covid Covers

Moved by the power of eyes to reveal personality and character, throughout the pandemic I’ve been drawing friends and family, when masked, at random moments. I will be adding more here as I draw them.

all portraits on A4 cartridge paper, drawn with ink and chopstick, apart from Issi, drawn with pencil on tracing paper.

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